Underground basement with butterfly

Hi all,

I have small precinct, where a building will be constructed. The building will be open on the ground level with escalators going down below the ground level. Two storeys are sitting on top of this open ground level.

I want to test air flow to review pedestrian comfort. Currently, I’ve modelled a box around the site with the height of the underground element (blue arrow on the snip below).
The problem about it, is that now the simulation assumes that the buildings are elevated by this distance and are exposed to higher wind velocity. At the “edge” of the site, you can see the wind raises up and increases the speed.

Which is not right, but I don’t know how to set a true zero elevation and still check underground level as shown below. Left arrow points at the entrance, second (right arrow) - way down to escalators; dashed line - louvered open facade.

How would you go about it?
Would greatly appreciate your advice.


Check this one :wink: didn’t try it because the project didn’t start in the end… But ZhengrongTao’ answer looks good in paraview

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Thanks @dvdbremt !
Didn’t see the discussion before. Will try it out