Uniform grid for unclosed surfaces with hole

hi, Mostapha and Abraham

It works well with closed surface, but cannot generate points with un-closed surface, like this one.
Error message says “Data conversion failed from Surface to Curve”
Could you please give some tips or advice to solve it?
Thanks very much.


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Hi gogog,

Did you find out a solution for uniform grid point in un-closed surfaces?



Hi Julio
see attached gh file.
As i am not an expert user, i have to use dozens of components to fix this issue, but at least it works well for me.
Analysis_Grid_Uniform.gh (35.0 KB)

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Hi @gogog and @Julioamodia89

could you test this raw component? I have written it fast, I have checked it only from geometrical point of view.
uniform_grid_dna.gh (20.2 KB)
I hope it helps.


hi Antonello
It’s cool, works very well.
By the way, could you add a function which can set the distance from the envelope and inner wall?
analysis points

Hi @gogog,

Could you test this? It should work with every planar xy surface with holes.
uniform_grid_dna3.gh (20.8 KB)

Update v.3: it works also if your base surface is above elevation 0.



Hi guys,
Looks really good the solutions you have done.
I haven’t manage to make work your component Antonello, I am nor sure where the mistake is.

On the other hand I have also done my own cluster component.
Uniform grid point_JFA.gh (37.1 KB)

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hi @AntonelloDiNunzio
Amazing! Awesome!
programming really can make life easier!
many thanks!

I open it with rhino 6 and now it works, amazing job Antonello

Dear @AntonelloDiNunzio, thanks for your Script,
as you write, works on planar xy surfaces, but would be useful on (planar) surfaces such as facades on the Z-axis, if so, is the script adaptable?.


Hi @Sonny.Weaver,

yes, it is adaptable. I modified it fast so I do not know if it works perfectly.
uniform_grid_dna4.gh (25.2 KB)


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Dear Antonello,
it works perfectly!!

thank you for your time, for helping me.

Hallo dear @AntonelloDiNunzio,

thanks for the component, are very helpful.

I have two questions about two small problems I encountered.

In some cases I have the problem, that the vector direction of my geometries is negative, even if the direction is positive.
I also did a test with the Ladybug’s gentest, and there the direction of the vectors are correct.

Another curiosity I noticed is that in some situation,even if the distance that the grid points must have to the edges of the surface, is set to 0, equally a large strip is not generated, although I believe it depends on the size of the geometry.

GenTestPoints.gh (31.8 KB)

Thanks again for this component which is a very important point in most of my works.

Best regards