Upgrading to HB[+] from HB

I wanted to have more functionality with HB[+], and I had Rhino 5 with LB/HB installed.
I upgraded to Rhino 6 and tried re-installing HB[+] several times.

The issue I’m having is:

  1. Are there less components in HB[+]? I think I might have not installed some of them because I don’t have an HBZones component for example.
    If it’s missing, I’m confused because I’ve installed HB[+] correctly via the install procedure, and tried already to remove, reinstall, and update with the update scripts. I still have 2 ‘leftover’ tabs in GH that are from the old LB and HB and I don’t know how to remove them.

  2. Trying to run a script with Rhino 6 and HB[+], that I wrote originally with Rhino 5 and HB.
    I created a few HB Surfaces, and plugged them into a Brep component that goes into the HBZones component, I’m running into an error “1. Type conversion failed from Goo to Brep”.

Makes me think that I’ve messed up the upgrade to HB[+] somewhere and components are missing. I’d be happy to provide any info about my folder structure or file locations to try and solve this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @YafimSimanovsky,

  1. Honeybee[+] is still a WIP and is missing several components and functionalities. It does not currently support energy simulation.

  2. Honeybee[+] is incompatible with Honeybee. You can use the components from Honeybee in combination with the components from Honeybee[+]

We are actively working on adding the functionalities for the energy simulation and improving the workflows for daylight simulation but it will take some time before we add them to the Grasshopper plugins.

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Thanks for the reply.

I understood from another post I made Daylight Analysis Period - 15 minute timestep that i’ll be able to use a smaller timestep than 1h if I use HB[+].

Do you recommend using HB instead of HB[+] altogether, or to use both of them in parallel to gain some functionality from HB[+] like the HOY component for 1min timesteps ?


I do recommend trying HB[+] and taking advantage of the improved functionalities, however, because of the current limitations it currently won’t fully replace the Honeybee legacy. This will happen in the near future once most of the critical functionalities are transferred over.

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Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I added HB[+] to my HB, and I’m trying to get smaller timesteps than 1h for Annual Daylight Analysis.

Given the new HOY and Occupancy components in HB[+], I can choose even 1 minute, but I can’t seem to find a way to translate those into the Read Annual Results I component in HB.

Is there a way to integrate the new timestep flow into the HB components…?


HB[+] has a component for calculating annual metrics. You don’t need to use the component from HB for post-processing data.


Okay, I tried testing for the analysis flow only with HB[+] components as you suggest.
Do you have any idea what the issue is with the following error on the Metrics component in red? (attached)

1. Solution exception:
Failed to import ladybug:
	cannot import legendparameters from ladybug

See here:

This has been already addressed.

Hi, Thanks.

The code change by @dvdbremt in the post that you linked to was the solution for this component. :slight_smile:

Nevertheless, I’m having a hard time understanding the difference in the analysis flows with the new components. I’ve ran both simulations in parallel to see the difference, and there is no ‘DLA’ output with the HB[+] component, so I can’t map that to a colored mesh.

DA is constant 100 so I must be missing something. What am I doing wrong here…?

Could it be that your surface isn’t in the right direction ? I mean that the surface normal is pointing to the outside world?

I still suggest to update your installation and not only the single component.

There is definitely something wrong but it is really hard to say without seeing your model.

Thanks for the replies.

Checked it and some surfaces were flipped, but after fixing it and running again the result is the same.

Sorry, forgot to mention that I’ve done that before posting so that doesn’t solve the issue by itself.

I tried it with this simple setup and still results are weird (in the panels compared between the two simulations).


Daylight_Test_HBplus.gh (595.9 KB)
Daylight_Test_HBplus.3dm (60.1 KB)

Grid based is not an annual recipe, you entered a specific CB sky for 1/1 15h…

If you want to obtain the daylight autonomy (wich is an annual metric) you need to use the annual recipe with the skymtx component.

Thanks! I’ve updated these components you mention, and made sure everything I can was updated to, but I get this strange error, even though it seems everything else is fine:

1. Solution exception:Failed to load the results form an empty file: c:\ladybug\untitled\gridbased_annual\result/scene..default.ill
Double check inputs and outputs and make sure everything is run correctly. 

Can you see from the file if something is amiss?

Daylight_Test_HBplus.3dm (53.0 KB)
Daylight_Test_HBplus.gh (581.7 KB)

It works here :wink:

just a tip, I don’t understand why you create a new mesh, you know that you can use the mesh from the “generate_test_point” component

Hmm…I’ll try to restart some things perhaps it’s a local issue.

Thanks for the tip, I think a while back I had some issues with the mesh directly from the grid component and found a workaround and it stuck with me since 0_o

Okay so I’ve restarted my system and I can’t find the root cause of the error I mentioned.
Do you have an idea why there would be an empty .ill file or why it should run fine on your system but not on mine…?

Honeybee generates a batch file for running the studies. Open the batch file and add a pause to the last line. Save the file and try to run it again. It should give you an error message in one of the steps. Sorry that you have to go through such a cumbersome process. This has been improved in the latest implementation in workerbee so you get an appropriate error message by default.

scene..default.ill is an empty file. Do you mean a specific .bat file somewhere in the Honeybee folders?