Urban size simulation with high values result and no visualization

Hi guys .
I have a problem when I tried to use butterfly to simulata a urban size model .
I found some similar issues in both iscourse and github , and the possible solvations I know now are two following operations:

1.Refind and smooththe mesh for the reason that it requires a high quality mesh to calculate .
2. Offset the calculation surface , because some probes may cosidered as inside the building .
I tried both , however , I still got unusal values as you can see in the illustrate.

The mesh I created :

The test point I created :

無題2.3dm (29.3 KB)
urban size CFD simulation.gh (450.8 KB)

I really need you help ,I have tried several way but it just doesn’t work .
Please tell me if you have any possible solvations or ideas ! ! Thanks ! !

Please try refinement levels (1,1) at Butterfly_Create Butterfly. Remove refinement region.

Thank you devang ! I will try you suggestion and tell you the result later.
But I am little confuse about the different between refinement levels and cell size , are they having the same impact on create grids for calculation ?

Please check the image in this post.
So if your cell size is 1m;

  1. At Level 1, the minimum cell size will be 1 meters
  2. At level 2, the minimum cell size will be 0.5 and so on so forth.

@Pompey & @devang - did this issue get resolved? I think I’m having a similar issue and would love to know how you solved it? this is what is looks like for me: