URBANopt report

Hi @chris. I simulated a scenario with URBANopt. From the report I can see that the simulation is conducted throughout the year in fact I have only one result month by month. I would like to know if it is possible to get all the results hour by hour, month by month.

I tried to consider _sim_par but this input only takes into account the month I have selected and only for one value

@nicmancio ,

I’ll admit that I don’t fully understand what you mean by “the month I have selected” but it sounds like the “HB Simulation Parameter” and “HB Simulation Output” would solve your initial issue. You can specify the reporting frequency of the requested outputs like so:

Also, FYI, setting report_ to True on the URBANopt component will ensure the default URBANopt csv report gets written as part of the simulation process (you can find it in the simulation folder). This CSV report includes some aggregated results across the simulation that you may be interested in.

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Sorry, I wasn’t clear in describing the concept but you have perfectly answered my question. The report was the key step, thank you very much @chris.

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