Using HB_VSC to compute Sky Factor analysis

Hello there,

I want to know if it would be accurate to use HB_Vertical Sky Component to run Sky Factor analysis, which has been previously discussed in the following posts:

My concern is that Sky Factor uses a different Waldram diagram (based on a uniform sky) from the one that is used by VSC (based on the CIE standard overcast sky):

If HB_Vertical Sky Component is used to calculate Sky Factor, the results would probably be inaccurate even though the ambient reflections are excluded?

Would love to know if there are any developments on this. :slight_smile:


Have a read here:

Sky View Factor is different from Sky Factor though…

Sky Factor -

Hopefully this post answers your question.

The input to Sky View can be adjusted to give either sky view or VSC



I am fairly sure that they are in fact the same.

That’s why the HB Sky View component has an input for cloudy_sky_. Setting that to True will allow you to run the calculation with the CIE Overcast sky instead of the default uniform one.


Thanks @charlie.brooker @chris @LittleBuddha

I’ve managed to use SkyView component to run RoL analysis. The results are quite close to the ones provided by our consultant.

This is one of the rooms:
blue area produced by SkyView indicating > 0.2% unobstructed sky value
yellow line from the consultant