Using the URBANopt Component

Hi @chris, I’m trying to run URBANopt. I hope that replying here this can be useful.
I did the installation following the procedure but I have this error.
Do you have any raccomandation?

@nicmancio ,

Did you install the URBANopt as mentioned at the end of the installation instructions:

You should have run the executable installer that they have there.

Yes @chris, I followed the steps. Update to version 0.4.0.
If I open the component I can see this error.

The only installation step that is not clear to me is point 3:
When launching new shell terminals, run the correct environment config to setup the environment.

@nicmancio . That’s the issue, then. I didn’t realize that they had released URBANopt version 0.4.0 and it’s possible that it might still be a beta since all of the documentation is written for 0.3.1. Uninstall what you currently have and install version 0.3.1. I’ll look into upgrading Ladybug Tools to use the later version soon.

Also, there’s no need to do the environment variable config step. Dragonfly will do that for you automatically.

Hi @chris . That was exactly the problem. Now everything works fine. Looking forward to the December 3rd webinar, thank you for your prompt reply.