Using the URBANopt Component

Hi @chris, I’m trying to run URBANopt. I hope that replying here this can be useful.
I did the installation following the procedure but I have this error.
Do you have any raccomandation?

@nicmancio ,

Did you install the URBANopt as mentioned at the end of the installation instructions:

You should have run the executable installer that they have there.

Yes @chris, I followed the steps. Update to version 0.4.0.
If I open the component I can see this error.

The only installation step that is not clear to me is point 3:
When launching new shell terminals, run the correct environment config to setup the environment.

@nicmancio . That’s the issue, then. I didn’t realize that they had released URBANopt version 0.4.0 and it’s possible that it might still be a beta since all of the documentation is written for 0.3.1. Uninstall what you currently have and install version 0.3.1. I’ll look into upgrading Ladybug Tools to use the later version soon.

Also, there’s no need to do the environment variable config step. Dragonfly will do that for you automatically.

Hi @chris . That was exactly the problem. Now everything works fine. Looking forward to the December 3rd webinar, thank you for your prompt reply.

Hi @chris

I’ve just installed LB 1.2 package with compatible Radiance/E+/UrbanOpt 0.5 and I am having some issues getting urbanopt to work and it is the tool I need to most atm.
Initially I was getting the following error: “1. Solution exception:No URBANopt installation was found in dragonfly_energy.config.folders.”

Then, I have tried running setup-env.bat file from (Dragonfly / UrbanOpt error - #24 by chris) but think it made things worse as the error reported now is as below

Also, not sure if it is needed to run the commands below after installing UrbanOpt? Guess no?


Any help would be really appreciated.

hi again @chris ,

I have tried to edit the setup-env.bat file by adding the Homapath as per image below and after running this bat file, .env_uo.bat file appeared in C:\Users\29660, and the component now doesnt report any errors, but it also isn’t giving any results so I am really super confused how to make this work.


I am running one of the sample files ( and I’m using meters. Any ideas what can be causing this?

Hi @DanijelRusovan ,

Interesting. I am guessing that you are not the only user on the machine since the HOMEPATH was clearly set to something but I guess it was not your username. In any case, what you did should fix it until the next time that you upgrade URBANopt.

What does the folder look like where the geoJSON was written to? Was it able to get through the running of the simulations such that you see the output OSM and SQL files?

hi @chris

The username is correct, its a number - strange, I know! :slight_smile:
I don’t think I see OSM/SQL files, so something weird is happening - screenshot below.
I’ve also run Rhino 7 as admin

Also, when running the simulation, I get a bunch of errors like this, even though these folders exist in the run folder.

run_dir ‘C:/test_district5/run/honeybee_scenario/OfficeBldg_1/’ does not exist, simulation dir ‘C:/test_district5/run/honeybee_scenario/OfficeBldg_1/’ out of date
simulation_dir C:/test_district5/run/honeybee_scenario/OfficeBldg_1/ is out of date, regenerating input files

I think those might be errors and not warnings, @DanijelRusovan . What does the directory at C:/test_district5/run/honeybee_scenario/OfficeBldg_1 look like? Are there all of the result files there? Or is there an EnergyPlus .err file that could tell you if something went wrong?

these are all the files I see.

I’ve attached the osw.log file in case this helps?
in.osw.log (1.9 KB)

@DanijelRusovan ,

This seems to be the real error:

Error: cannot load such file -- tmpdir in :/ruby/2.5.0/gems/bundler-2.1.0/lib/bundler.rb:769:in require’`

I don’t know what is wrong with your bundler installation but maybe you should try uninstalling and then reinstalling URBANopt. If that does not fix it, this is probably something that should be reported on the URBANopt CLI GitHub:

You should open an issue there and attach a link to the log file.

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Hi @chris
I am trying to use UrbanOpt 0.6.0 and run the “from”. However, the simulation is throwing the below error as shown in the snapshot

Can you give me some ways to sort this out and run the model, hassle free

Hi, I just faced the same error when testing my geometries. Apparently, this happened because I was saving a different scenario in the same folder when converting the DF model to geoJSON so I just changed the folder and it worked

Thanks. However, I am not getting the complete idea here. Can you put any snapshot for better clarity

@Omprakash ,

I think this is happening because Rhino doesn’t have permission to fully delete the simulation folder before it overwrites an existing project folder. So you either have to manually delete the folder where the GeoJSON is written before exporting a new one or just use the _folder_ input to specify a new project folder for each simulation you run.

I think running Rhino as Administrator might also give Rhino permission to fully overwrite existing project folder.

I have deleted the earlier GeoJSON folder, only keeping the “MassPikeDistrict” file. However, the same error seems to continue. Attaching the snapshot below.

What version of URBANopt CLI are you using and does it align correctly with the compatibility matrix?

I am using UrbanOpt 0.6.0 and Rhino 7. I am not seeing any problem wrt the compatibility here.