UTCI Map error, the recipe failed to run

Hi, I met some problems running UTCImaps. I did it with my laptop and PC, and the some problems occured. I’m using the ladybug sample file outdoor_comfort_under_a_tree, and I upload the log file and the error report.
Could anyone help, thanks a lot!

  1. Solution exception:The recipe failed to run with the following summary:

Scheduled 33 tasks of which:

  • 20 ran successfully:
    • 1 CopyGridInfo(…)
    • 1 CopyRedistInfo(…)
    • 1 CopyResultInfo(…)
    • 1 CreateDirectSky(…)
    • 1 CreateDynamicShadeOctrees(…)
  • 2 failed:
    • 1 CreateViewFactorModifiers(…)
    • 1 RunEnergySimulation(…)
  • 11 were left pending, among these:
    • 11 had failed dependencies:
      • 1 LetUtciComfortMapFly(…)
      • 1 RestructureConditionIntensityResults(…)
      • 1 RestructureConditionResults(…)
      • 1 RestructureCspResults(…)
      • 1 RestructureHspResults(…)

This progress looks :frowning: because there were failed tasks

Use the report_out attribute of recipe settings to see a full report.

New users cannot upload files, so I put the log files here:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HNM2RJtkCLRBiwC2807Ajy-jXFHMT8ZC/view?usp=sharing

Hi @clorisG,

It looks like the same error as here

I would recommend completely uninstalling ladybug tools and all dependencies, Radiance OpenStudio E+, removing all folders from C drive and all components from the grasshopper folders.

Once you’re sure that everything has been removed reinstall using the Pollination Grasshopper One Click installer and try again.

Thank you @charlie.brooker , I followed your suggestion, uninstalled and reinstalled ladybug tools, Radiance OpenStudio E+. And I checked the Compatibility Matrix.
There are still errors, but the reports is different.
Is there something else I can do?
Thanks for help!

I also attach the log file here.
logs.log (364.5 KB)

It was because of the model unit! I changed millimeter to meter, and everything runs well. Thanks for help! @charlie.brooker

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