Validate Model | Visualize errors


I love the new Validate Model component! Is there any way to visualize the invalid faces form the output? And is it possible to cull them out somehow?


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Hi @TK,

This looks like a lot of failures. It is probably better to rebuild the model with a 2,5D aproach.
Have a look at the dragonfly example files.


or the simple model I posted here.

Thank you @Erikbeeren, I did manage to cull out the faces, the last number in the face referance is the index.

I’m glad you asked! That’s exactly what we built the Pollination Rhino Plugin. It has a PO_ValidateModel command that you can see gives you a much nicer interface for understanding your model’s issues:


The Rhino plugin also has a host of commands that make it much faster to fix a lot of the common issues that arise.

I realize that the Rhino plugin is paid but it is fully integrated with the free and open source LBT Grasshopper so that you can pass your model back and forth between Grasshopper and Rhino without loss of data. Also, there is a free trial available for the Rhino plugin and, while we don’t have an official educational policy yet, you can email us if you’re a student and we can work something out.

There are also some free ways to try to understand the LBT validation report but they take longer to do and sometimes require a little scripting knowledge. It’s just that these features, which make your workflows faster and easier, are where we make our money since we are committed to keeping everything related to the interaction with the simulation engines free and open source.


Great @chris, this looks very robust. Will definitely check it out.

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Hi all,
Has anybody tried to simulate any of the DOE reference building models and associated energy consumption? I am new to learning energy modeling.