Ventilation load not showing up in in sizing report

how can I get to see my ventilation load show up on my sizing report through GH?
Is there any particular way of getting that done?

I am planning on using it for load calculations.
Thank you.

Hi @Navid.E! This post may be helpful.


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Thank you @TrevorFedyna.

Whilst this does show the mech ventilation load energy, I am looking to get the power value for designing HVAC equipment around the heatload calculations given by EP.

I know in EP you can set Ventilation:DesignFlowRate. I’m not sure how to get that to work on honeybee.

Hey @Navid.E ,

Normally, when we use the words “Mechanical Ventilation” in the context of Honeybee (or OpenStudio/EnergyPlus), we are talking about outdoor air being conditioned and introduced to the space through a DOAS or All-Air HVAC system to meet some type of minimum ventilation requirement. Like meeting the ASHRAE 62.1 standard or similar. This is wat Trevor is referring to above.

If, instead, you are talking about dumping unconditioned outdoor air into a space (maybe for ventilative cooling/ night flushing) or you want to account for airflow through something like a bathroom or kitchen exhaust fan, which is not connected to the Heating/Cooling system at all, you can use the HB Fan Ventilation component. That component will add the Ventilation:DesignFlowRate object to the IDFs exported from Honeybee.

Hi @chris , Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Indeed, I am looking to get Ventilation:DesignFlowRate into the model to use for Load Calculations for equipment selection.

I haven’t used HB Fan Ventilation just yet, will be today to try it out, are there any other ways to add Ventilation:DesignFlowRate through Honeybee?

Thank you.

You can always add some custom Ventilation:DesignFlowRate objects via additional IDF strings that you input to the Model to OSM component. But the “HB Fan Ventilation” component is the only native HB-Energy component that adds Ventilation:DesignFlowRate objects to the IDF.