Where OpenStudio should be installes and which version


I’m not new to HB an LB. This used to works previouosly.

I just change my computer an I’m installing HB an LB. For some reason the latest version of OpenStudion 2.1.0 installs itself on the C drive. And HB does not recognized as installed. It seams that HB is looking for OpenStudio in C:\Program Files:

nstalledOPS = [f for f in os.listdir(“C:\Program Files”) if f.startswith(“OpenStudio”)]

I’ve try both installation on my C drive and inside C:\Program Files and still HB does not recognize its location. I’ve also try with version 2.0.5 and I get the same results

Can anyone point me in the right direction as where and which version of the Open Studio should be installed

The installation instructions ( https://github.com/mostaphaRoudsari/ladybug/blob/master/resources/I…) are not clear about this

Thank you

I’ve download version 1.12.0 which was the one installed in my previous workstation. And now HB recognize an installed version of OpenStudio. This version it install by default under C:\Program Files

In the installation instructions It says that we should download the latest version, I think this version is not yet compatible with the latest HB

Any ideas?

Another option is the following:

  1. Install OpenStudio 2.1.0

  2. Install it in C:\Program Files

  3. Install it under this folder name OpenStudio 2.1.0 (it is important to have the camellcase on the name as well as the space before the version. HB components look for this name: OpenStudio) For some reason HB recognize the installation.


OpenStudio 2.1 just came out last week and I have not yet updated Honeybee_Honeybee to look in the new default install location. I will do this soon so that it’s easier for us to start playing around with this new and improved version of OpenStudio.



I am now happy to say that Honeybee officially supports OpenStudio 2.1:


I have gotten everything working on my end but let me know if you encounter anything while you try it out, Claudio. The first time that you run Honeybee_Honeybee with OpenStudio 2.1 installed, some supporting files will download in the background and you should make sure that you are connected to the internet for this. After that, you should be fine to use Honeybee with OS2.1 without internet.


Hi Chris

This is great news. Thank you for your help. I guess I should re install HB and Openstudio 2.1 in its default location and name. Is that right?

I’ll let you know if anything goes wrong.

Yes! Honeybee searches in the default location so you should reinstall it there,

hi Chris, thank you everything works fine now. Except the scale of the legend but that’s an other discussions that I posted here



Hi Chris

Just to confirm - works for me as well. I had been having issues with OpenStudio 2.02 and variants. HB could not find them. Thought it was the \Program Files location of previous versions - so reinstalled a couple of different ways.

Now, IF I run the HB updater, the new ‘fly’ component finds OpenStudio 2.1 in the C:\ drive folder that is now the default location of OpenStudio.



What is the latest version of Openstudio you are supporting today?
OpenStudio 2.1?
Does it aslo mean I do not need install Radiance and e+ now?


@MichalDengusiak ,
The github version supports OpenStudio 2.4. The last stable release supports 2.2 (I think. It might be 2.1). We will have another stable release very soon so 2.4 will become the standard shortly.