Where to find .epw weather data

[This list will be modified over time]

Free resources:

  1. The main source is DOE’s website:



  1. One building.com is also coming around > (http://climate.onebuilding.org/). Their data is limited right now but they are working on that and also unlike the first resource the data has been through quality checks.

  2. There are a couple of weather files available on EnergyPlus mailing list (https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/EnergyPlus_Support/files/Meteon…) which are generated by MeteoNorm (http://meteonorm.com/).


  1. WeatherAnalytics: http://www.weatheranalytics.com/wa/products/data-weather-files/

  2. WhiteBox technologies: http://weather.whiteboxtechnologies.com

PS: I started a project to plot all these resources on a single epwmap. #WIP

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This is the most useful post that I have ever seen.

I don’t know how I didn’t ask you about this earlier. I have been trying to get my hands on those MeteoNorm datasets forever thinking that I had to pay for them. Who would have thought that they are all available on the EnergyPlus Yahoo group. I thought I had to limit myself to 3 locations in Mexico when there are over 20 Mexican sites there just waiting to be downloaded! Man, they even have data from Antarctica!

Thanks, Mostapha!

Man, the epwmap is going to be truly eye-opening once it is finished. I can’t wait!

Thanks Chris! You’re very welcome. Just for the record epwmap is now ready to be used: http://www.grasshopper3d.com/photo/epwmap

I will contact a number of people to see if we can upload MeteoNorm files to epwmap. Meanwhile it is only files from DOE website.

I think I also update download epw file to open epwmap page instead of DOE’s website.


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Awesome. I’m looking forward to hearing what you find from the MeteoNorm people and I agree that the download EPW component should go to the epwMap now.

Hi Mostapha and Chris,

have any of you tried to run an energy simulation with an epw from Meteonorm in HonyBee? I’ve tried with different cities, all created by Meteonorm, but the result files are blank.

Thanks in advanced!


I have been able to run E+ simulations with Meteonorm data without a problem. I just ran an E+ model with a meteonorm file for Antarctica.

My guess is that your energy model is failing because of how you have set up your HBZones (or for some reason other than the weather file). I would recommend starting a new discussion if this seems to be the case and you are not able to run your simulation with non-Meteonorm files as well.


Hi Chris,

Thank you for your input. I assumed that it was the Meteonorm Weather Files because the simulation does give outputs when I use weather files downloaded from the EnergyPlus website but it does not when I use Meteonorm weather files (it does for daylight though).

I attach the model and the weather file in case it is of any help.



energyTest.gh (505 KB)
Lagos_Ikeja-hour.epw (1.4 MB)

Hi Blanca,

Some good news and some … so so news.

The good ones: It runs. I updated the file to the last version from the github. See attached.

I would bet that the error in your file was the timestep in the HB_EPOutput. You wrote “annually” and it should be “annual”. The previous component version didn’t check that. But this is just a bet. Now is fixed.

The so so ones: some of your zones are open breps. Even though the HB_LabelZones attribute is saying that all are closed. See red arrows comparing this output with the one from anh HBZones output. This can be fine but as a default i would say that it isn’t. I’ll recommend to fix this. The other thing is that the HB_OSHVACSystems/seeHVACDesc input fails the component when set to True. So i set it to False. Hope it is not important for your calculations.

So after all this, i thing i carched here 2 bugs: A faulty attribute report and a conditional input that fails the HVAC component. But those are for Mostapha and Chris.

Last thing: I really enjoyed the way you defined the zones. I learned a couple of things. Thanks.


One more thing. I tested a couple of things more regarding the Open Breps. I’ve found that the problem is originated in the glazingCreator when the breakUpWindow_ input is True (as in your case). I set it to False and now all breps are closed. I believe there is another bug here. Your geometry has points in the polylines that in some cases make “difficult” for the glazingCreator to resolve well the facade. If you preview the Walls with your version you’ll see pieces of wall missing.

See attached for all that. I copied the first part below the previous one.


energyTest_AY.gh (983 KB)

Hi Abraham,

thank you so much for your time and help. I did realize that after the simulation my surfaces where missing pieces and I kept working on the geometry until this didnt happen. I even tried on a shoebox model and I got confused when it did work with an EP weather file but not with a meteonorm one! Next time I’ll keep checking my geometry and how it comes in and out of the HB components instead of just my curves.

Thank you so much:) I am happy you got to learn a couple of thing on the way!


hy mostapha and everyone…

where i can get indonesian weather data if energyplus didn’t resource the data?? cuz i study and life in indonesia… :slight_smile: and also for my final examination…

any suggestion??

many thank’s

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Have you tried this:


Maybe they can help.



WeatherAnalytics makes you pay for EPW data that they fabricate from other climate data sets. This “fabrication” process is proprietary and known only to them, such that I am a bit skeptical of it. Sometimes, WeatherAnalytics is your only option but make sure that you check the EnergyPlus user group weather files before going to them:


You have to make an account for the E+ yahoo group to access these files but, for the epw file access, it is definitely worth it.

Also, hopefully Dragonfly will give us a means of “fabricating” epw data in a manner that is open and we are aware of the assumptions (https://github.com/chriswmackey/Dragonfly). When the dragonfly is past it’s pupa stage in a few more months, I will post back here.


Hi Chris,

I’m aware of the Meteonorm, but … the requested EPW (Indonesia) is not there (and of course not in the E+ site), as far as i remember. So i reminded this WA option.

The DragonFly project sounds interesting. Please update the progress on it.


This feature is freaking awesome, have been using from its inception, super easy to use, super helpful, great job.

Thank you.

dear all,

this link:
4. WeatherAnalytics: http://www.weatheranalytics.com/wa/products/data-weather-files/

any idea how to buy weather file from this website?

I need weather file for Manado Indonesia, so I couldn’t find in this link:

  1. WhiteBox technologies: http://weather.whiteboxtechnologies.com

Or are there any other website that similar to this WeatherAnalytics website before?


Hi Agus, Have you tried to send an email to weatheranalytics directly? They should be able to answer to your question.

Yes I have email them since last saturday… but They didn’t answer me up until now…

I’ve recently discovered this site: https://www.wunderground.com/

Looks like they have some weather data not present in E+'s website. Can anyone confirm if this site is credible?