Window Groups State and Materials in 5-Phase HB+

Hi all,

I’m attempting to run a 5-phase daylight study using HoneyBee+. I only have one Window Group as I only have one facade with a single window. My hope is to run that glass at multiple VLTs to replicate electrochromatic glass.

I have used a sample file to test my geometry and work flow, using Mostapha’s example with BSDF materials for that window group.

I would like to simply use a RadGlassMaterial instead of the BSDF material, to define the ‘States’.

Does one have to use BSDF materials in window groups to run studies like this? Any insight as to why the ‘RunRadiance’ crashes when I try to use a simplified Glass Material to define the states?

I appreciate the help. Thank you,

You should use 2-phase (aka daylight coefficient) recipe. For being able to model the Glass as a matrix between view and daylight phase it must be a BSDF file.

Thank you. I found the sample list of BSDF files for ‘clear’ glazing at various VLTs, so I plugged those in:

Works fine with HB+, 5-phase.

Thanks for your response and continued help!

Hi,do you know how to simulate EC window dynamicly with HB+?

Hello @Fantasy, part of it depends if you want to do 5-phase or 2-phase, similar to what Mostahpa suggested above. If 5-phase, I’ve estimated it using a simple change in VLT for each state (using BSDF files). Otherwise, with a 2-phase, it seems you’d be able to use a standard material. I have not tried that yet