1. Solution exception:Attempted to divide by zero



just updated to the latest version of honeybee and ladybug and am trying to run a daylight analysis and I get the following error when creating the glazing based on ratio:

  1. Solution exception:Attempted to divide by zero.

Not sure if there is a bug or I am doing some sort of dumb mistake!

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Use the new update component. It will update all components that keep the input/output structure. Those who doesn’t will be circled in red and the new version will be inserted below the old one so you can just reconnect all inputs/outputs.

For your case i will recommend to reinsert the component.



Thank you Abraham, since the component stated it was from the latest version I didn’t think I had to reinsert it.

All working now:)



I’m getting the same error when I’m modelling a customized geometry in Rhino. It works fine when I use the example file from hydrashare. The Ladybug/Honeybee components are up to date. Any other troubleshooting ideas that could make this work?

Thank you

Mansi Dhanuka