About the different between ladybug 0.0.67 and 1.3.0 (outdoor comfort)

When I use the same place weather_URL data in ladybug 0.0.67 and 1.3.0 for caculating the outdoor comfort, I get differnt data of utci and the same data of Time Comfortable. I want to ask that why the utci is diferent but the Time Comfortable can be the same, and why the results of utci are different by using different versions ladybug?
Thank you so much.

The implementation of the UTCI model is identical between Legacy and LBT.

The only difference that you are noticing between LBT and Legacy is that the first hour of the data in LBT is at midnight (0:00) on January 1st but the fist hour of the data in Legacy is 1 AM (1:00) on January 1st. So the values in LBT are shifted by 1 hour but they’re the same exact values. Hopefully, you agree that it makes more sense to start the year at midnight instead of 1 AM.

Thank you so much. I agree with your appointment that it make more sense to start the year at midnight instead of 1 AM.

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Hmm, I am also getting different results, or at least strange results.
In 1.5 LB I am getting tree shading making UTCI higher??? It should not work like that I think: UTCI in LB1.5 - tree shading make it worse?