Adjust time format label LB Hourly plot

I was wondering how to adjust the time format in the label of LB Hourly plot from “6 am” to “06:00”, “12pm” to “12:00” and “6pm” to “18:00” etc. ? Thanks for any reply.

this is also my problem

Hi @Jurrijn @letmegraduate
You need to rewrite the ladybug source python code. The path is C:\Program Files\ladybug_tools\python\Lib\site-packages\ladybug\

#_hour_text.append(‘{} {}’.format(hr_val, am_pm))

Thank you for your help. I would try

Hi Minggangyin, Thanks for your suggestions. I am not a python specialist but try to rewrite the code.
Where should I copy/paste or replace the text? Below in the screenshot I found the relevant part I assume (between rules no. 474 - 502).
Thanks again for your help!