Colibri limit for number of variables or length of variable names


Does somebody here happen to know if Colibri has a limit as for the number of variables OR the length of variable names?
In one case, I observed that after connecting the 11th variable, it does not write the iterations anymore. Then I shortened the names of the variables, and it worked again.

Thanks for sharing your experience.


Hi @farhang.tahmasebi

Yes, you are correct, Colibri limits the number (10) of variables per input. This prevent some user to input hundreds of variables all at once without naming them. For the good practice, it is suggested to break down a list of variables to items, and name each of them individually, so that you won’t forget what each of them means. Here is an example:,-867.5277045986035


Hi @MingboPeng

is there a workaround to get colibri to record more than 10 values in a list?

I need to get operative temperatures per hour for each iteration (May to September) equivalent to 3672 hours. any thoughts?

Hi @Farah.H ,

Colibri is not build to do this task. I limited 10 values per list is because this csv is meant to be used for DesignExplorer. Meanwhile, I am not sure if csv format is the right one for handling this dataset with 3000+ columns… for you purpose, I would suggest you to look at some sort of database technology.


I would look into bumblebee.

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