DGP background color

Could the background color be changed to black ?

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Hi @WuMinShiun,

You cannot do that with the falsecolor component in LBT, but you can use pcomb to manipulate the image using whatever arbitrary mapping you want. However, the solution below works only if the circle edge touch the edges of the overall image. So the image you show, with extrema printed, will not work since it adds the black border to the image dimensions. The legend should also be no larger than the image height (since this will otherwise add to the image height), but it seems like you have found the max allowed legend height already (685).

viewbased.gh (86.5 KB)


Thanks a lot. :grinning: I’ll give it a try. However, I still hope the function of changing color could be combined to the original component in the next edition Ladybug 1.4.

That is a cool workaround, @mikkel . Thank you for posting it.

@WuMinShiun ,
The issue is unfortunately not on the LBT side and it’s a limitation of Radiance’s falsecolor as you see explained here. So we would need there to be a change in Radiance for us to be able to support this reliably. Or we would implement some workaround to use falsecolor2 if it’s found within the user’s Radiance installation.


Hallo Dear Mikkel,
opening your file, I have encounterd this error:

same error using another file.

Please open the Python script and let me know in which line it gives the error.

Please try this file:
viewbased.gh (84.3 KB)


Dear Mikkel,

thanks for the help, now works!!

Regarding the HB False Color, is it possible to mask the the background? It looks like the background is purple and can be confused as part of the HDR scene.

Enough people have asked for this so I just integrated @mikkel 's solution into the Official FalseColor component:

I also tweaked it a bit so that it can handle the edge case of the legend being larger than the original image.

This was definitely a lot easier with your code to start from, @mikkel . Thanks for doing the initial hard part!

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@chris so if I understand this correctly, I need to replace the files in the UserObject directory? Will I get the same function if I use the LB Versioner to upgrade?

Thank you!