HB Annual Daylight 'Failed to generate SunPath'

When I try to run the Annual daylight component, I get the error seen on the image. All components are HB version 1.4.0, and runs without any problem on other people’s laptops that have the same HB version as me.
Is it anything to do with my laptop/HoneyBee, and if so what could I do to solve this?

Thank you in advance!

I know that step can fail in the last stable release if the Wea is only for nighttime hours but that may not be the issue.

Can you try running the LB Sync Grasshopper file component in your definition to see if that corrects the issue?

I tried that too but it shows the same message in all recipes and even in different geometries. Is there another way to bypass this component (HB Annual Daylight) and simulate annual daylight ?

Can you upload the log file that should be at:


That could tell us exactly what went wrong.

Hello everyone, the same problem also here :worried: