Honeybee[+] not working for ladybug problem

some components of Honeybee[+] do not work showing the following message:
Solution exception:
Failed to import ladybug:
cannot import legend from ladybug

Which can be the problem?
Is it related to Ladybug Legacy or Ladybug[+]?
The installation of Ladybug[+] consists only of copying the .ghuser files from ladybug-grasshopper-master into the UserObjects folder of Grasshopper?

Thank you.


Hi @FrancescoDeLuca,

It can be related to Ladybug[+]. I think “legend.py” file is missing on your machine.
Try to follow this discussion how to solve it: https://discourse.ladybug.tools/t/problems-with-honeybeeplus-component/6779/5
The installation of Ladybug[+] consist in both .ghuser files into the UserObjects and python library in McNeel folder.


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And if what Antonello mentioned does not work then please try this. Since the [+] version is under development right now, the structure keeps changing.

Hello @AntonelloDiNunzio @devang,
thank you for the indications. When I first installed Honeybee[+] and Ladybug[+] time ago I also installed some of the folders containing .py files in Rhino/6.0/scripts folder but now I was not thinking to that anymore.

I also have seen that running HoneyPlus_Installer from within Honeybee[+] it automatically downloads all necessary folders in the Rhino/6.0/scripts folder.
So now it looks I do not have that problem anymore.

But now I have problems with Honeybee[+]. The component HoneybeePlus_Sky Matrix presents the following error Solution Exception: AssertionError

Hope you help also for this.


Hi Francesco,

Several people faced this error recently and posted on the forum. Others recommended remedies also. Can you please check those discussions? If that doesn’t help then we would definitely take a look at your file.

Hello @devang
thank you for the quick reply. I will try to find these discussion in the forum.