Image viewer in latest LB release




I hope you are doing well and thanks for the continuous improvement of Ladybug tools.
I have one question:
As far as I see, ImageViewer is not included in the latest LB release. Is it correct?
If so, do you have suggestions for alternative workflows to work with the outputs from image-based daylight simulation?



@farhang.tahmasebi ,

This image viewer is definitely in the latest stable release of Ladybug. What might have caused you to think that it’s not is that the image viewer is a .gha files while most of the other components are a .ghuser files:

So, if you copied the image viewer component into the UserObject folder instead of the Libraries folder where it belongs, the image viewer component will not show up in your tool bar.

I hope that fixes it.


Thanks @chris for the quick and helpful reply. Problem solved.
It needed also some unblocking in my Windows, but it did work.