Imageless glare issue in LBT for Mac

Hi all. I installed LBt on my mac running on M1 chip and I am very pleased to say LBT is working seamlessly. Though all the radiance dayighting recipes are working fine the new imageless glare recipe is throwing error in mac. The same file runs nicely on the windows. Any thoughts on this ? (78.0 KB)

Hey @Asisnath ,

The Imageless Annual Glare recipe was not available in the last stable release of LBT 1.4. So you will have to run the LB Versioner in order to get the recipe on your machine.

If you are certain that you did this, then can you upload a screenshot of what your lbt_gh version is coming out of the “HB Check Versions” component?

Thanks for the reply @chris . I updated it earlier before running imageless recipe. Now. strangely Its not showing any version and when I try to update in mac through versioner it quickly says updated with the message shown below

Hey @Asisnath ,

Ok, I know what is wrong. Somehow your IronPython search paths have gotten changed and some old set of the Ladybug Tools core libraries on your machine are interfering with you using the correct (latest) version.

What do you see when you follow the steps to check the IronPython Search Paths here?

If your machine is set up correctly, then only one of the following paths should have the words “ladybug_tools” in it:

@chris I got this

Ah, that makes it clear! I found the exact issue in the LB Versioner what was causing this to happen and I just pushed a fix:

Now, the best way to get everything fixed on your end is to run the LB Versioner and restart Rhino TWICE. After that, I think you shouldn’t have any issue running the Imageless Annual Glare recipe and it should all bee good going forward.

@chris Do i have to wait for an hour because the ladybug version checker still shows nothing after running versioner update

No. I made sure that the fix made it into the development version before I posted. Just run the Versioner twice and see if you still have the recipe issue.

The lack of the lbt_gh version is likely due to something else. Let me think about it.

For the lbt_gh version, if you still have it showing null after running the versioner twice, can you upload a screenshot of what your Grasshopper UserObjects folder looks like?

Even after update, the recipe failing. When I click boolean toggle true, it updates quickly as compred to windows update. I doubbt its updating or not

@chris my versioner is not downloading files I guess though its showing updated. Is it due to M1 processor rather than intel one?

Hey @Asisnath ,

Hm. I have no idea about the M1 processor but it looks like something is failing. Can you send me a screenshot of what you see when you run this special version of the LB Versioner? (6.1 KB)

Hopefully, this gives me what I need to get to the bottom of it.

here it is

Thanks for your help and patience, @Asisnath

Man, sometimes the security features of Mac are more of a hassle than a help. Ok, I am pretty sure that I just pushed a long term fix for this, though I am not able to fully test it since I do not have access to my Mac now:

If you give me few hours, I can get you a copy of the LB Versioner that gets you out of your current predicament. Otherwise, if you do the following, you should end up with a “latest development version” of Ladybug Tools on your Mac that is fully-functional.:

  1. Completely uninstall your current Ladybug Tools
  2. Do a fresh reinstall of Ladybug Tools 1.4 from Food4Rhino
  3. Wait an hour (the fix above will take time to become available with the LB Versioner)
  4. Run the LB Versioner and restart Rhino twice

Let me know if you end up going down this route and, if so, whether it’s successful.

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thanks @chris for digging into this. I think will wait few hours for the versioner . :+1:

Hey @Asisnath ,

Sorry that something came up and it might take me tomorrow to get that component together.

I saw that the fix just made it all of the way through our CI if you want to try the second method.

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Hi @chris . I followed the 2nd method and reinstalled Ladybugtools .Now versioner is working correctly and after updating I could successfuly run Imageless glare on mac.

I want to highlight two more points -

  1. Check version still fails to record the version number installed
  2. I have not installed OS sdk rather I have OS application. When I checked the file path for openstudio its finding OS app and energy simulation is running fine. So my question is , is it ok to have OS app to be the energy simulation engine rather the OS SDK?

Thanks so much for testing this, @Asisnath ! I know that this second method took a little longer but now I can rest assured that it should work for everyone else. To address your two other points.

  1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I’ll plan to investigate this sometime today but this is just a “nice to have” feature and it should not impact any of your simulations or any other parts of the plugin. It’s really just to make it easier to check the development version of LBT-Grasshopper that you have installed. I’ll let you know if I push a fix and have something for you to test.

  2. If your energy simulations are running ok, then it looks like you are all set and I can’t foresee any other issues. I didn’t realize that everything would work with the OpenSutdio App instead of the Openstudio SDK but it seems that, because the SDK and the App use the same folder structure, it looks like either are acceptable.

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Thanks for the update @chris . I will be working on mac more in coming days and will report if I encounter any error.

Apart from this I was wondering that, as in windows we could keep track of daylight and energy simulation through batch windows, do we have anything such that while running simulation in mac. When boolean toggle is set to true its not possible to track the process as it doesnt pop up any window.

Hey @Asisnath ,

Thanks for being our first line of defense on the Mac side right now. It’s very helpful to have your tests just before the LBT 1.5 release that I want to do later this week. I’m sure you already saved people from a lot of headaches.

As for the batch file question, batch files are windows-only. On Mac (and on Linux) we use shell files (.sh) instead of batch files (.bat). If you really wanted to see the progress, you can run the .sh scripts written out by Ladybug Toold from the Mac terminal after you launch it. But I don’t know of any way to open up the Mac terminal from Grasshopper so that you can always see the progress of the simulation.

If anyone else on the forum with Mac knowledge can weigh in on this, I’d be open to implementing some changes so people can see the stdout from each run of a simulation.

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