LBT to Passive House (Converting LBT model)

Hi @edpmay and Dear Community

I am using your plugin to analyze a small open office using the integration of LBT and PH. when I put the converter component to convert LBT model to PH excel file, I receive an error.

  1. Solution exception:CreateInstance() takes no arguments (1 given)

Hi @Nariman.Rafati

I’m sorry to hear that - of course happy to help sort out the issue there. It appears to be something to do with the Rhino ‘units’ system? Can you let me know a bit more about what system you are running (Rhino version?, etc) and if you don’t mind sharing a version of the file I can certainly take a closer look.


Thanks for your response @edpmay.
My unit is on meter and Rhino is on Version 6 SR22.

Here are my files attached, Thank you, dear Ed.
LBT2PH.3dm (75.1 KB) LBT to (40.0 KB)

Hi @Nariman.Rafati - gotcha. So I think its a Rhino 6 vs 7 thing.

I’ve updated things a little to handle that difference now. If you like, you can find all of the most up-to-date components and scripts here:

you should be able to just download that directory,

and then simply copy/paste the updated components from the ‘ghuser’ folder into your Grasshopper\UserObjects… folder:


then copy/paste the updated scripts from the ‘scripts’ into your Rhino\Scripts… directory:


just overwrite the old LBT-2-PH items with the new updated ones. You’ll likely need to update the components in your GH definition with the updated ones as well? You should not need to update anything else, so you can ignore / trash the rest of the downloaded items there.

Sorry about that - hopefully it’s all working now though. Certainly just let me know if not.


Hi @edpmay

Thanks for what you did. Fortunately, the converter component is working perfectly now without any error.
Probably, the problem is what you mentioned, and thanks for fixing it. I’ll be in touch with you for any further problems, and by the way, how can I reach the source PHPP excel file?


I can answer this, the PHPP is proprietary and developed by the PHI (does not come with ladybugtools or LBT2PH) so you will have to purchase your own copy and go from there.

Hi @Nariman.Rafati ,

Apologies for the tardy reply. @kaiaurelienzhu is correct, the ‘source’ Excel file used is the Passive House Planning Package which is a product built by the Passive House Institute. That can be purchased from any number of resellers around the world, but yes: You have to own that spreadsheet - the LBT2PH tool is simply an ‘exporter’ from LBT into the PHPP spreadsheet. It does not replace the PHPP.

hope that helps!