Mac Installation Issues with old OSX

Thanks for all the amazing work you do!! Awesome that LB is OS independent now!

Unfortunately it seems like my installation wasn’t successful, with the message below (same message for all libraries…). I’m running Rhino 6 on High Sierra, OS 10.13.6. Is my OS version too old?

I also tried installing Python3 separately and verified it was successfully installed but no luck with LB Tools still.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey @shamil ,

See here:

You have an old version of Mac OS installed that’s incompatible with the Python package that Ladybug Tools uses. Once you upgrade your Mac OS, you should have no issues installing.

Ok! Thanks for the reply @chris. Well, my 2011 MBP’s days are numbered anyways alas :slight_smile:

I can also confirm that Ladybug is functioning well on MacOS X 10.14 Mojave. I have so far tested HourlyPlot, Sunpath, DirectSunHours, SkyMatrix, IncidentRadiation, WindRose and LegengPar. It also takes the legacy (Ladybug 0.0.69) components I built on Windows including reColorMesh, northArrow and legendPar.

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Ah, yes. I had one of those from right before they switched to the quad-core CPU architecture. I remember that I couldn’t update the OS at a certain point because of that. 9 years is probably pushing the limits of the design life.

And thanks for confirming, @wwkid . That’s good to know that the OS doesn’t need to be the absolute latest version.