PITView report Invalid Results Folder

Hallo dear @chris

I finally wanted to start emigrating to the new LBT components like PIT_Grid-Based, PIT_Views-Based and Glare Analysis.
I started with the PITView using your ViewBased tutorial as a basis and adding the new PIT “metric”.
The component analyzes, but eventually reports the following error: Invalid Results Folder.

am I doing something wrong?

ImageBasedView.3dm (55.0 KB)
viewbased_edit_for_PIT.gh (70.1 KB)

Best regards

@LiamRuvio ,

You connected the Model without any Views to the recipe and Views are needed for Point-In-Time-View simulations. You’ll see that, in the latest development version of the plugin, we now give an explicit error about this:

Dear chris, thanks for the quickly answer,

my carelessness, I linked direct to the PIT recipe the model component, and not the model with the Views Info from _AssignGridViews.

After connected him, I have this error now: Result folder contains no views_info.json, any advice?

viewbased_edit_for_PIT_v1.gh (76.2 KB)

Best regards

Don’t use a view_filter since you are filtering all views out of the model, which means there is nothing to run.

Also you should just check the __logs__ folder whenever the simulation fails so that you can see the real error.

FYI white spaces aren’t legal in Radaince identifiers. So, if you wanted to use the grid_filter it should be outdoorview and not outdoor view

Thank you for the clarification chris,
now works, but I don´t find the HDR Image into the Simulation Folder.


Attached Files:
ImageBasedView2.3dm (56.2 KB)
viewbased_edit_for_PIT_v2.gh (69.6 KB)

That’s odd because I get the image:

Maybe you should just be using the latest stable release (Run the versioner, restart Rhino, then run “LB Sync Grasshopper File”). You should also make sure that you’re using a compatible version of Radiance:

as always, thank you for your time and kindness chris.

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