RunDaylightAnalysis - 1.Solutionexception:Index Out of Range: 0

Hi !!
I was simulating annual daylight using the same GH file for different models and only this model has error. I tried a few trial and errors which all has the same error output on the “Analysis Period” panel.:

  1. I redraw the geometry with using extrusions and closed polysurfaces
  2. isolating each hb object to check if it is the geometry issue but there is no error bubble from the hb object panel.


I also tried looking for solutions from below list of forum but could not find any that could solve my issue:

I have internalised the model and attached GH file:
TJC (1.3 MB)

Hope anyone can help me to identify what went wrong with my model. This is the program version i am using:
Rhino 6
HB v.0.065
LB v.0.0.68

Thanks very much in advance!