SnappyHexMesh & Residual Plot Errors

I downloaded the version from Food4Rhino that works with blueCFD.
Updated the components.
Still get the following errors. Anybody else having the same challenge?

Below is the error from the snappyHexMesh component

Below is the error from the Plot Residual component

@mostapha any thoughts?

This is the similar post

Hi @mostapha,

would it be worth going back to the old way of installing openFOAM?

Hi @devang, was there a real error in the run? Those messaged does not necessarily mean something has been wrong.

Hi @mostapha,

  1. The residual_values output of the Butterfly_Solution component remains 0
  2. Butterfly_Plot Residuals does not plot anything.
    what can we do to avoid that?

Hi @mostapha,
Any update on this?