UpdateHoneybee - Ladybug

Hi all,
following the installations istructions, I have an error about updateHoneybee - Ladybug. “solution exception: ‘int’ object is not iterable” referring to “source address is not a valid address”.
Before turning “true” the toggle of both components, in the directory “grasshopper\userobject” I didn’t have any dedicated folder for ladybug-honeybee, but after activating the toggle, two new folders “Honeybee” and “Ladybug” are created, but remain empty. I am an old user of ladybug-honeybee, and my question is related to the need of having updated component to be sure simulation could run.

thanks a lot

Can you connect a panel to the component and share the full error message? Thanks.

Hi Mostapha, here the full text.

Thanks in advance

Hi, I have the same issue with the update componont which downloaded from food4rhino. May I know how to solve it?

I actually posted a topic for this specific issue when it happened. See here:

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it works with your file. Thanks for your help!

Thanks a lot for your time, Mostapha. It works fine

Have a nice day