UTCI calculation in ladybug

Hello everbody, I wanna calculate the universal termal cliamte index in some simulation model like Iranian country yard. I found the way to consider trees in my calculation,but I have placed pool in my model and I can’t find a way to add water in my calculation. Does anyone know the way to calculation water in UTCI?


I haven’t had the time to model it myself yet, but I recommend checking out the following links for inspiration / more information:
Livestock on Github
Water features in outdoor thermal comfort

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Thank you so much @marctavenier .

Hi @artemishia

Would you mind sharing your idea of how to include the trees in your model, please?

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tree modeling
Hi, I used this algorithm for my work.

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@artemishia hi
please refer to this link Hydra Viewer
probably it can help you.
this file have several notes about your project.
(mean Rad temperature and relative humidity )

Thanks, I’ll check it.