Annual Daylight Glare Probability for multiple Test_points

Hello everyone. Today I read about Radiance 5.3 updates and the new possibilities that have been added. I also came across @Nathaniel documentation about Annual DGP and sGA (here).Using Accelrade program with radiance, simulation time have also greatly shrunk from hours to some minutes. Therefore I have a question regarding the possibilities of simulating dgp for multiple Test points using the new feature dcglare and acclerad. To make myself clearer I am talking about something Climate Studio does for annual glare studies for various test points. Is it possible with Honeybee plus? @chris @mostapha

@Asisnath ,

There’s no built-in functionality for producing a graphic like that but you can always set up a Grasshopper definition to iterate through a bunch of points and a bunch of vectors for each point. Then you can assemble the resulting DGP values and color some vectors or other geometry.

We may add some out-of-the-box functionality to produce graphics like that in the future. But it’s currently a lot of computation time to correctly produce a graphic like that, even when using Accelerad to render each view. And it’s all still just for a single point in time. We are working on implementing Honeybee[+] recipes in a way that can scale for cloud computing purposes and this type of study might be a good candidate for such cloud resources.

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Thanks for the clarification Chris. Hope to see such simulation in future updates with cloud computing power.