Ladybug Tools for Grasshopper 1.1.0 Bug Fixes & Patches

As a result of the relatively swift adoption of the new LBT plugin that was released a little over a month ago, our usual process of identifying and fixing bugs after a new release was one of the most productive to date. A great amount of thanks is due to the members of this forum who reported issues and provided clear examples that let us reproduce and fix issues speedily. We have packaged the fruits of everyone’s labor into an updated release, version 1.1.0, and we have updated the download on Food4Rhino to install Ladybug Tools for Grasshopper 1.1.0 instead of the earlier versions.

For those who installed the new Ladybug Tools plugin over the last month and want to get the fixes, you can upgrade by running the “LB Versioner” component with 1.1.0 plugged in for the version_ like so:

The component may give a orange warning that the versioner component has, itself, been updated but this can be ignored since the only thing that has changed about the component is the version number. Alternatively, you could run the second component of the currently on Food4Rhino. Also note that, after updating your installation, you can update any Grasshopper definitions that you built by using the “LB Sync Grasshopper File” component.

For this release, we have updated the version numbers of all components to be 1.1.0 such that people can easily identify that they have the updated plugin installed.

Lastly, we have a note to those community members who plan to keep up up with the latest development version of the plugins over the next month. Specifically, we are expecting the development version of the plugin to be a little less backwards compatible after 1.1.0 as we upgrade to the latest versions of the simulation engines and make changes to the underlying object schema of Honeybee. Accordingly, users may prefer to stick with version 1.1.0 of the plugin until the next stable release or be prepared to upgrade their simulation engines as we implement these changes.


Thanks for the update @chris. Is the new OS 3.1 and OS App 1.1 compaitable with this latest update?

@Asisnath ,
No, OpenStudio 3.0.1 is the officially supported version for this release as you can see in the compatibility matrix. We will be working on the upgrade to OpenStudio 3.1.0 in the development version of the plugin now that this release is complete.

Ok @chris. Thanks for the info

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Hi @chris

Are the LB-HB legacy versions (66 & 69) compatible with (OS_3.0.1, Rad_5.3). I’ve been using them with OS_2.5 and Rad_5.2.2. Do I need to keep them and install the new versions for Ladybug_tool_1.1.0 or otherwise should I uninstall the old versions given the new ones would be fulfilling both legacy and LB-tools requirements?

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Bonjour Chris,
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Yes, legacy can work with OS 3.0.1 and Radiance 5.3 but you have to follow this workaround to get legacy to work with OpenStudio 3.0.1:

Alternatively, you can install whatever engines you want to use with the new plugin in the C:\Users\[USERNAME]\ladybug_tools folder. The new plugin knows to look for engines there but the legacy plugin will not look there.

Thanks so much for your help!
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my ladybug 1.1.0 tool components are different compare to previews (

how to get complate components? i cannot run renewable analysis and another process.


The linked documentation refers to the Legacy plugins:

ADDON. Version 0.0.68. Released on 2020-Jan-01. Provides 153 components. Created by Ladybug Tools. Features 34 video tutorials.

Ladybug Tools 1.1.0 and Ladybug Tools Legacy have different components, as they have different features.

Maybe you should read this post again:

At the end, it lists the Currently excluded Legacy features:

  • THERM Integration
  • Ironbug Integration
  • Ladybug Renewables
  • Envi-Met Integration

If you want renewables, install the Legacy version along LBT 1.1.0 from Foo4Rhino.

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only ladybug 1.1.0 which available at website

but i used ladybug 1.1.0 and some of tools are not completed yet

I don’t understand why you cropped your screenshot, all previous versions are available.

Install the one I highlighted, you will then have the Legacy version which has broader support of features (as of now), and the 1.1.0 version which is much faster, but is not complete yet.

Yes, please read the thread I linked above.

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because I am a Rhino 7 user

Hi -

As far as we know, there are only a handful Rhino 6 plug-ins that don’t work on Rhino 7. You can safely run the legacy version on Rhino 7.


Just to second what @wim is saying here, the only Legacy components that we know of that don’t work in Rhino 7 are the “Psychrometric Chart” and the “Sun Shades Calculator” and the “Shading Mask”. That leaves 359 Legacy Ladybug + Honeybee components that should all work in Rhino 7.

Hi @chris ,

will the shading mask component be available for rhino 7?