Openstudio different versions / apps update

Hello everyone,
Open studio have released version 3.0.1 with various standalone tools such as open studio application, PAT, sketchup plugin. I have some queries related to this -

  1. Will the installation of new version compatible to honeybee?
  2. If it supports which one we should install , Open studio SDK or open studio application?
  3. Will PAT installation compulsory for parametric simulations using honeybee?
    This will clear lot of doubts as open studio has changed a lot from version 3.0.
    @chris @mostapha

@Asisnath ,

Good questions. At the moment, the legacy version of honeybee (the one that pretty much everyone is using on this forum) only supports up to OpenStudio 2.9.1. So, if you want the latest possible version you can have with the legacy plugin, I would recommend installing that.

With this said, I am trying to get together a new release of the legacy plugin in the next week or so and I think that I will be able to get that release to work with OpenStuido 3.0.1. In this case, you only need to worry about installing OpenStudio SDK in order to have Honeybee work. The OpenStudio application is just an additional Graphic User Interface (GUI) for editing OpenStudio models that isn’t used by Honeybee but it may still be useful for you if you want to visualize the models and default assumptions output by Honeybee.

I know that both Grasshopper and NREL’s Parametric Analysis Tool (PAT) are “parametric” but these two projects are completely separate from one another. Honeybee doesn’t need PAT and PAT doesn’t need honeybee. Frankly, if you are building your energy models in Grasshopper, you already have more parametric capabilities than what PAT is going to give you so I would say you are safe to not install it.

Perfectly explained. Thanks @chris . :+1:

I am hijacking this thread as I have a similar question. I had Open Studio 2.5 and now I have installed 3.0 but honeybee only sees 2.5. Do I have to uninstall 2.5 or can I somehow link 3.0 to honeybee?

@ae ,

Assuming that you are using the Legacy plugin, you’ll have to make sure you have Ladybug 0.0.69 and Honeybee 0.0.66 [Legacy Plugins] installed from Food4Rhino. Then, you’ll have to make sure OpenStudio 3.0 is installed in it’s default location in the C:\ drive. Lastly, you’ll have to follow the instructions here to get OpenStudio 3.0 to play nicely with legacy honeybee:

Hey, I have solved that for now uninstalling Open Studio 2.5. However I wonder if it is possible to keep both versions of OpenStudio and somehow pick which one is linked to honeybee?

@ae ,

For Legacy Honeybee there’s really no way to easily change the loaded version of OpenStudio without changing the name of the OpenStudio installation folder.

There are a few different ways to do it in LBT honeybee depending on whether you want to use a different OpenStudio with different Grasshopper files or you want something slightly more permanent.

Which plugin do you want to set the OpenStudio path for? Legacy or LBT?