Total Radiation For Each Building (Solar Radiation Analysis of Multiple Buildings)


I am currently working on multiple buildings in an urban context. This is a sample file having 7 buildings. Is there any way that, I can get ‘Total radiation in Kwh’ per each building rather than getting the overall Total Radiation for the combined 7 buildings?

MultipleBuildings_TotalRadiation.3dm (85.5 KB) (399.6 KB)

This was discussed a while ago. Search for this. Unfortunately i can’t remember the authors, but shure you’ll find.

Dear Abraham

I have found the below-mentioned post, which actually helped me to solve the problem in a way. Thanks a lot for the reply.

I meant this and this discussions.

Thanks a lot.

Dear Abraham
Last night, I tried this way and it worked for me. I have worked with 51 parametric buildings and imported from Revit through rhino.inside…I have used one battery from the M+ plugin. Today, I’ll try the process from the second link you shared for the best fit. Thanks a lot.