Problems with Rhino.Inside.Revit and Honeybee


I’m having trouble running Honeybee with Rhino.Inside.Revit. The Honeybee::Honeybee component turns red when adding it, with the error message “expected str, got bytes”. It runs fine just with Rhino 7 WIP, but when using Grasshopper from inside Revit the error appears. Do you have any idea why this can be? I’ve posted a question regarding this on the Revit.Inside.Rhino forum, too.


Any luck in solving it ?

Any traction on that ? I will post in the Rhino Inside Revit too to get some traction

Hello, I’ve found an additional solution that worked for my by uninstalling a Revit plugin/add-on that was also working with Python and Ironpython, see my post here: