Rhino inside revit + honey bee not working

Today I am trying to work with rhino.inside revit and honey bee and lady bug give me errors. It says failed to open Honey bee or failed to open Lady bug. Up ultil last night it was working perfectly


This is not a lot of information here but I know the IronPython path of Rhino Inside Revit (RIR) is different from Rhino itself. So you might have to rerun the set-python-earch.bat file in the following location to get the Python path set up correctly for RIR:


Also, have you checked out the Pollination Revit Plugin? If you’re trying to get clean Honeybee models for energy or radiance analysis from a Revit model, the Pollination plugin will be a more reliable route compared to most DIY RIR pathways.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I have fixed the problem by installing the Ladybug tools directly from Rhino.inside revit and it worked perfectly.
I was thinking about using pollination from Rrvit but I am currently working on a project with Revit 2023 and the plug in works for 2022. I am currently working wit the University to try to export from geometry from revit (with all the thermal data that comes with it) and run an analysis with honey bee and lady bug.
Thanks a lot again


The latest version of the Pollination Revit plugin now works with Revit 2023. So I would recommend checking it out for your case here particulary if you’re looking to export an energy or Radiance model from Revit.

Hello, I’ve found another solution that did work for my by uninstalling a Revit plugin/add-on that was also working with Python and Ironpython, see my post here: